🔥 FireUp Your Party

Eat, Drink, Game, Repeat!

$180 / hour

Up to 10 guests, each additional guest @ $15 per hour



  • Your very own Party Room with Rock Band, Driving Simulator, PS5, and LOTS of games! (accommodates up to 20 guests)
  • 1 Hex Pod (table with 6 high-end gaming PCs)
  • 1 Escape Pod Reserved (Couch & Game Console for up to 4 guests)
  • 1 gift for the birthday guest – 5 Free Anytime Hours
  • 30% OFF food orders during the reserved time
  • Memories to last a lifetime!

🔥 Cabanas

Your Private Escape Pods

Close the curtain and detach from the rest of the world in our escape pods. Experience intense excitement and camaraderie of co-op games. Perfect for a family adventure or unique date night, eat, drink, and game in our private co-op cabanas.

🔥 Hex Pods

6 high-end gaming PCs

Our Hex Pods are made up six high-end PCs with all the games preinstalled and ready to run on the highest settings for you and/or your crew. Each hex pod accommodates up to 6 people and we have 4 hex pods.

🔥 The Bar

Drinks, Beer & Wine