Food & Drinks

Never let hunger keep you from taking the victory. Fuel your inner legend and order from our gourmet menu and bar while you play and get it delivered right to your command center. Our gamer food is sure to satisfy.

🔥 Food

Pepperoni Flatbread

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread

Cheesy Flatbread

2 Corn Dogs and Waffle Fries

Chips and Salsa

Waffle Fries

Loaded Fries

Chicken Nuggets (8 piece)

Bavarian Pretzel with Beer Cheese

🔥 Drinks

Red Bull


Fountain Drinks + Refills


Starbucks Frappuccino

🔥 Beer

First Person Shooter

F.U.E.L Tap

Space Dust x2 IPA Tap

Hazy Little Thing Tap

805 Tap

Angry Orchard

Blue Moon

Bud Light


Lagunitas IPA

Sierra Nevada

🔥 Wine



Rose Wine

Red Wine

FireUp is a thrilling and electrifying lounge that offers counter seating for watching your favorite esports games that makes every seat feel front row. Order game day foods like corn dogs and waffle nachos. Our lounge area is perfect to enjoy our beer and wine selection while you relax and mingle with a community that enjoys video games as much as you. Kick back with your friends and celebrate the winner’s life on our outdoor patio with heat lamps to keep you fired up on cool nights. Combine this one-of-a-kind atmosphere with our specialty drinks like FUEL or First Person Shooter, and you’ll discover why FireUp is the most visually stunning and top tier esports lounge in the nation.